How to Install

From previous version or other recovery #

  • Download the PitchBlack zip to your device
  • Reboot to your current custom recovery
  • Flash the PitchBlack zip
  • The device will automatically reboot into PitchBlack Recovery after installation
  • Enjoy

From PC #

  • Download PitchBlack Recovery flashable zip from bellow
  • Extract the PBRP zip
  • Goto fastboot mode in your device
  • Flash the recovery.img by fastboot flash recovery.img
  • Boot into PBRP
  • Copy the zip to internal storage
  • Flash it
  • Enjoy

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Comments How to Install

  1. The instructions aren’t clear enough. I want to flash your recovery for a Realme C3, but I don’t understand what I am supposed to do with the file I’m downloading, since the only Recovery.img I can find is inside a folder called TWRP. Do I have to flash first that img and afterwards flash the whole zip (which includes the aforementioned TWRP folder)? Any clarification would be appreciated.

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