PitchBlack Official
Device Maintainership

Perks of being a Official Device Maintainer

Automated CI Builds

PBRP build and deploys automatically. You don't need any personal server.

Next Version Testing

PBRP provides next version testing for maintainers even before a new build is out.

Official Builds = PBRP Trusted Builds

Official PBRP builds gives users confidence to use builds.


PBRP Device Maintainers have to strictly follow the rules and regulations made.

The rules are as follows:

  • Unofficial build should not have any single bug and should be tested atleast by 50 people.
  • Device target version must be greater than android-7.1 (Nougat)
  • Device trees must be properly and regularly maintained.
  • Device maintainer must be active to release MONTHLIES in any possible way.
  • Bug reported by any of the users on OFFICIAL build will lead you to get warning and eventually your maintainership can get suspended.

Application Form

Thank You

PBRP always strives to improve at its best and to give the best experience to you. We are open to suggestions and feedback anytime.